Sanikleen Food Grade Sanitiser

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DESCRIPTION: – A general sanitizing and deodorizing liquid cleaner for use in all food production and preparation areas. A.Q.I.S. Approved Sanitiser/Cleaner.

PRODUCT APPLICATIONS: – 575 Sanikleen is used for the sanitising and cleaning of all food preparation areas (Benches, Walls, Floors, Fridges, Utensils and all Machinery) prior to the final rinse sanitise with an approved A.Q.I.S. sanitiser. We would recommend Chemi-Brush 573 Sanitizer.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: – General Sanitiser/Cleaning – Light Soils – Dilute 50 mls into 7 ltrs water.- Medium Soils – Dilute 100 mls into 7 lts water.- Heavy Soils – Dilute 200 mls into 7 ltrs water. Rinse with potable water

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