Sebo Dart3 UHS Polisher Vacuum Cleaner

Sebo Dart3 UHS Polisher Vacuum Cleaner

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Technical Specifications – 150 Watt max. brush motor / 31cm working width (ET1) – 200 Watt max motor, revolutions 2000 U/min / 30cm working width (Dart 3) – 3-step, S-class Filtration, down to 0.3 microns – 1300 Watt max. vac motor (Dart) – Green Pad: Maintenance – Red/Yellow Pad: Restoration – Weight: 3.9kg (Dart) Features – Tool free access (no tools required) – Automatic torque controlled height adjustment for maintenance pad – 3 in 1 machine: Polisher, Portable Canister Vac, Upright Vac. – Integrated dust removal (with attached SEBO DART) – Automatic shut-down for blockages – Flat-to-the-floor profile – Flexible turning-swivel-neck Benefits – NO WATER – NO CHEMICALS required! – Increases productivity and reduces operator fatigue – Ideal for female operators – Hygienic debris disposal

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