Shiner Floor Restorer

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It cleans, It’s a spray “n” buff, It restores, It reduces stripping cycles, It adds life to your polish, It assists buffability and mark removal SHINER is a breakthrough in our quest for a chemical that reduces hard floor maintenance costs, particularly in supermarkets and shopping malls. Unique chemistry has enabled us to produce a multi-functional cleaner/maintainer that restores gloss and improves wear ability as well as to increase mark resistance by increasing flexibility of the floor finish. Not only does SHINER clean up sticky spillages, tracked in dirt and marks, it extends the time between major strip and seals up to once per year because it won’t yellow or build up on floor – even when mopping or spray- buffed daily. There’s never a chance of trapped in dirt, dulling or powdering with SHINER and its formulation has been developed to harness the energy advantage of the new super speed 500 to 1500 RPM floor machines to build a wet look gloss in seconds. Advantages in a Nutshell 1. Cleans off marks, minor scratches, even greasy soils without affecting floor finish. 2. Can be mopped manually, through auto scrubbers or spray buffed. No other product has this feature. 3. Extends stripping cycles because it does not build up, can’t yellow or powder the finish as well as healing minor scratches and marks when it’s buffed. 4. Stops powdering of the surface and improves anti-slip characteristics. 5. Makes an economical spray buff less than 10 cents per litre when diluted for use. 6. Builds a wet look gloss when actuated by standard or super speed polishing machinery. 7. Can be used on all types of floors – it’s brilliant on unsealed slate, quarry tiles, marble and rubber.

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