Sledgehammer No Scrub Stripper

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The Stripper with Real Clout This is the latest technology in low cost floor stripping, where chemistry combines with new techniques of use, to dramatically lower your floor stripping costs. Using the latest in penetrating detergents that are highly biodegradable plus low toxicity stripping actives, we’ve made SLEDGEHAMMER the most effective stripper ever released without a poison or warning label – that means its safer to use. SLEDGEHAMMER is more pleasant to use than other poisonous or “WARNING” labelled strippers because it contains no ammonia or harsh solvents, just a fresh fruity aroma is left on the job. Use Wet or Dry – It’s Remarkable SLEDGEHAMMER may be used as a wet stripper that requires no scrubbing or rinsing, it can be used through automatic scrubbers as a conventional apply, scrub and rinse stripper or it may be used as a dry stripper and misted over the surface and padded back with a brown pad. Recyclable – The Future is Here Now Instead of throwing out your spent stripping solution, SLEDGEHAMMER contains “flocullants’ that precipitate out sludge and allow you to reuse the stripping solution on another section of your work or on another job at no extra cost. By collection and reuse you are helping the environment and your back pocket. You will be able to collect and store your recycled stripper solution for up to three days.

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