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Improved Gloss – Here is the answer Painstaking laboratory and in field testing over a period of five months has resulted in a dramatically improved gloss for SPARTACUS when burnished with standard speed buffers 350-500 RPM as well as electric and gas straight line burnishes from 1000 to 1500 RPM. The gloss results are amazing and so is the slip resistance being above .5, drying all areas we have tested*. Careful attention to film flexibility has meant that marks and scuffs, once cleaned, can be burnished out, leaving an ultra smooth wet-look shine. This easy repairability is not at the expense of film hardness. Spartacus is extremely durable and resistant to scratching, marking and black scuffs. Toughness and Wearability – it is amazing Usually, wet look floor care systems have two major problems. 1. They show a high level of yellowing 2. They lack film toughness due to high levels of styrene being included into the acrylic emulsion to increase gloss. Wet look finishes usually allow dirt to penetrate and have poor adhesion; therefore they scratch and wear away faster. New Spartacus on the other hand, stays cleaner and clearer longer. Film resilience and toughness stays the same from the day you laid it, if you stick to the maintenance plan. Less stripping means you save money By introducing a cut back and recoating programme on a rotational basis around your floors you dramatically increase the life of the floor. Spartacus blends in well after a light or a heavier cutback and recoat. Extension of stripping cycles to over 12 and up to 24 months is achievable with a well-planned and executed programme. Summary of Advantages • Can be applied to any hard floor including Terrazzo & Stone. • Increase toughness and flexibility gives extended life. • Brilliant wet look gloss, under U.H.S or regular speed machinery. • Rich, deep, clear, look without yellowing for easy patch coating or rotational cut back. Increased life before stripping necessary. • Easy “Goof-proof” application with poly cotton mops, sharks or fringes gives easy – glide applicator levelling. • No basecoats required on sheet vinyl or floating timber floors. • Low cost versus performance, even the high coverage saves money. Count on 30 to 35 square metres per litre after pre-sealing.

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