Speedy Alkaline Cleaner 5L

Speedy Alkaline Cleaner 5L

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SPEEDY LB141 is an all purpose versatile, concentrated, medium duty, free rinsing mildly alkaline detergent. It is safe on painted surfaces and does not contain caustics, ammonia or other harmful ingredients.

SPEEDY LB141 can be used to clean all hard surfaces. It finds applications in washing floors, benches and cars and trucks.

 Directions for use:

Apply SPEEDY LB141 using the most suitable method and concentration recommended below.

SPEEDY LB141 works in hot or cold water but its performance increases dramatically with increasing temperature.

Soak 0.5% to 2% in a tub ambient to 80OC
Manual scrubbing 0.5% to 5% in bucket ambient to 45OC
Hand sprayer 0.5% to 5%
Floor cleaning (mop and bucket) 1% to 10% in bucket ambient to 80OC
Floor cleaning (automatic scrubber)          1% to 20% in detergent tank ambient to 80OC

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