Spitfire Lavender Pre-spray

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ULTRA FAST ACTION, CARPET PRESPRAY/SPOTTER NEUTRAL PH, SAFE ON WOOL AND STAIN RELEASE FIBRES SPITFIRE Lavender is recognized as being one of the best carpet pre-spray for the professional carpet cleaning industry as well as for Hospitals, Hospitality and the contract cleaning field. SPITFIRE Lavender is the leader because nothing cleans carpet faster and removes more stains as you clean. No matter what your equipment, truck mounted, portable extractors or Duplex type floor washer – the results are the same – BRILLIANT. SPITFIRE Lavender has changed. It now works even better, giving pale colours and whites a visibly cleaner and brighter result – brighter and cleaner than ever seen before. Our Lavender aroma has been consumer panel tested, winning the most favourable response of six fragrance types. In simple terms – Your customers will love it.

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