Stainless Sealer 1 gal

Stainless Sealer 1 gal

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StainLess provides greater protection to floors than conventional seals. 1. StainLess resists stains that easily penetrate and discolor floors, often permanently. 2. StainLess is not removed during stripping, providing a protective barrier between the floor and aggressive stripping pads. 3. StainLess protects flooring from strong stripping chemicals. Strip-Finish Labor Cost Savings Because StainLess remains intact during stripping, resealing floors after every strip cycle is not necessary; application of finish can begin immediately after rinsing. This means fewer coats are needed for a great appearance, saving labor and material. Faster gloss build is achieved with StainLess making the final results always look better. Stripping of floors also becomes an easier task because only finish topcoats are stripped, the floor retains its protective seal. StainLess is 100% acrylic and makes a great base for any Multi-Clean finish. It goes down smooth and easy, and fills porous flooring with maximum efficiency. Use everywhere a quality seal is required

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