Suma Unison Clar A2 Carton 3 x 4L

Suma Unison Clar A2 Carton 3 x 4L

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Suma Unison Clar A2 is a concentrated low foam general purpose rinse additive for machine ware washing.

Key Properties: Suma Unison Clar A2 is a concentrated neutral rinse additive. It has been formulated for use in a wide range of ware washing machines and washer disinfectors. The special blend of nonionic surfactants is designed to lower the surface tension of the final rinse water. This prevents droplet formation, and because the water sheets off the surface in a thin layer, drying times are also reduced. It also prevents heavy foaming in the machine. Suma Unison Clar A2 is effectively dosed with the JohnsonDiversey Unison system, which combines excellent performance, safety and convenience.

Benefits: •Ensures quick drying, •Gives streak and spot-free results, •Being highly concentrated gives excellent economy in use, •Convenient pack is easy to handle with less plastic waste, •No contact with chemicals due to innovative packaging design

Instructions for Use: Suma Unison Clar A2 is automatically dosed into the final rinse water of ware washing machines at a concentration of 0.2-0.4 ml/l at temperatures of 70-80°C, using JohnsonDiversey Unison automatic dispensing equipment. Actual dosage levels are determined according to local site conditions.

Product Compatibility: Under recommended conditions of use, Suma Unison Clar A2 is suitable for use on most Materials commonly encountered in the kitchen and CSSD.

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