Supastar Neutral Floor Cleaner

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ALL SURFACE SAFE, NEUTRAL FLOOR CLEANER SPECIALLY FORMULATED TO KEEP SHINY FLOORS SHINY, NO STICK RESIDUE, NO RINSING, FAST ACTION PERFORMANCE Here is the perfect, full fragrance, high performance cleaner formulated for both delicate floors like marble, terrazzo and slate as well as timber floors, yet with the power punch detergency to remove heavy grime buildup and sludge found in Supermarkets and fruit and vegetables markets. It is a non acid and non alkaline formula so SUPASTAR won’t blush, burn or bite at your gloss or haze the thinnest of floor sealer coats. Without the greasy residue found with normal detergent you’ll find it a great performer on ceramic and quarry tile- and it won’t leave a slippery residue. Ultra High Speed Program As the name suggests, SUPASTAR is the suggested cleaner where the SUPAGLOSS sealer finishes are used. It works brilliantly with MARBLETECH as it does on all our floor sealer finishes. Because SUPASTAR contains nothing that degrades the life of the sealer finish (like ammonia, silicates and solvents) you can expect longer life from your floors. Fresh Citrus Fragrance Whilst not a cloying harsh fragrance, the fresh citrus aroma generated when SUPASTAR hits the water will give your clients the air freshness they deserve. Your staff will love it too. Directions- No Need for Hot Water Damp Mopping Add approximately 100mls (approx 1/3 cup) per wringer bucket of cold water. If mopping prior to a recoat, use the double bucket technique or use a second person to rinse up heavy soiling if present. This helps prevent bounce in soil and extends stripping cycles. Heavy Soilage On extra soil add up to half a cup of SUPASTAR per wringer bucket of cold water. Autoscrubbing SUPASTAR is a low foamer and is ideally suited for auto scrubbing in shopping centres and supermarkets. Mix 500mls per 50ltrs (1 to 100) cold water, for normal soilage. Use soft pads for delicate surfaces like granite, marble or terrazzo (white, tan or pale blue). Use red, blue or green pads or brushes that require a deep cleaning or scrubbing. Cutting Back SUPASTAR is ideal for light cutting back of floor finishers. Dilute 1 part SUPASTAR to 20 parts water, leave on for a few minutes and scrub with a blue or green pad and rinse prior to recoating

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