Superbowl Toilet Bowl Cleaner 1L

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Non Hazardous (as classified by Worksafe Australia) • Removes rust, scale, toilet stains and algae growth • Leaves the toilet smelling clean and refreshed • Septic safe • Safe to use on porcelain, stainless steel, tiles and most surfaces. • Pleasantly perfumed Superbowl is a brand new, specially formulated toilet bowl cleaner! Superbowl can easily and quickly remove a number of different soils and stains from toilets and urinals including rust, scale, hard to remove toilet stains and algae growth. Superbowl has been specifically designed to efficiently clean toilet bowls, including the rim, bowl and seat. Another fantastic function of Superbowl is the fact that it can also effectively clean urinals. The colour of Superbowl is a beautiful turquoise and the fragrance is extremely light and refreshing. Superbowl is a non-hazardous toilet bowl cleaner as classified by Worksafe Australia. It is ideally suited for all toilets and urinals including systems operating on septic tanks. Superbowl is packed in 15 litre, 5 litre and 1 litre bottles. The 1-litre bottles have a special applicator for squirting solution under the rim of the bowl or urinal! Directions For Use: Toilet Bowls: Press cap of container, insert bottle and squeeze to direct Superbowl into the bowl beneath the rim. Swab all areas of the toilet bowl, using a toilet brush, with Superbowl solution making sure that the area beneath the rim is thoroughly cleaned. Swab toilet seat with Superbowl solution and wipe dry with a soft cloth or toilet tissue. Urinals: Squeeze bottle to cover entire urinal area with Superbowl and swab with toilet brush. Immediately after swabbing flush generously with water.

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