TORK MILD LIQUID satch.1000mL x 6

TORK MILD LIQUID satch.1000mL x 6

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Dispensers: DIS-SCA-560000; DIS-SCA-561000; DIS-SCA-560008; DIS-SCA-560100

Tork Mild Liquid Soap (S1 – Liquid soap system)

Colour: Light Yellow

Tork Mild Liquid Soap is an all-purposesoap ideal for regular hand washing. It is a mild, creamy soap and it is dermatology tested. The soap gives a rich and creamy lather and is economical in use. Quick and easy refilling proven by Easy to Use certification by the Swedish Rheumatism Association

Premium quality: Contains moisturizing and lipid replenishing ingredients. proven mild to the skin in dermatology test, ideal for regular hand washing Sustainable: Proven kinder to the environment by EU Ecolabel. Bottle collapse after use in to reduce waste volume Hygienic: Sealed bottle with single use pump reduces risk of cross contamination when refilling Fresh scent: a mild perfume leaves a pleasant scent on your skin Easy to use certification: quick and easy to refill

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