Trounce 20kg

Trounce 20kg

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Use as an in tank powder for truck mounts and portables or as a brilliant result pre-spray.Powerful stain remover built in to this fast dissolving 100% active concentrate. TROUNCE contains no corrosive fillers or extenders that other manufacturers use to reduce costs. Therefore, TROUNCE may be used in much smaller quantities, yet gives superior cleaning results. Stain Removal A blend of non-ionic an anionic emulsifiers plus a new polymer development penetrate old and fresh stains and assist removal. This applies to old coffee stains and greasy deposits that previously needed pre-spotting or pre-spraying. Prespraying Whilst we have been strong supporters of pre-spraying, TROUNCE virtually eliminates this when used in TRUCKMOUNT machinery. Pre-spraying with SURGE diluted 1 part SURGE to 15 parts water may be necessary on extremely soiled carpet like Hotels or Clubs or when using less powerful equipment. TROUNCE may be used for pre-spraying if required. Fresh Lemon Fragrance TROUNCE contains a lemon fragrance which creates a clean refreshing atmosphere in homes you are cleaning; far preferred to the “wet dog” smell left by other cleaning chemicals. Your customers will be raving about it. Economy Whilst being more expensive than many other powders, it’s the dilution rate that gives TROUNCE an economy that’s hard to equal. We estimate it costs 75% less than liquids and 30% less than other powders.

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