Turbo Dry Soil Release

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Heavy duty stain loosening pre-spray for carpet dry cleaning methods. Dilutes for economy. May also be used as a carpet spotter Turbo Dry – the Process and how it Works The TURBO DRY, dry extraction carpet cleaning system is the first one developed to operate on the unique principle of “oxygenation” of the carpet fibre. After you have completed the room or first area, check to see whether the traffic lanes are clean and that spots and stains are removed. If not, spray spotting solution on spots and agitate with fingers, then remove a clean TURBO No.2 Greenstripe pad, wring off till damp and machine the spots or traffic lanes with this more aggressive pad. If the area is to be used within the hour it may be necessary to pad the traffic lane with a TURBO No.3 Bullseye pad to speed drying. Important The heavier the soilage the more moisture you will have to use in your pads to release this soil and the hotter your Oxygenator solution will need to be. Don’t be mean with clean pads as the more frequently you turn pads or use hot fresh ones, the better the result you will achieve. Don’ts • Don’t use excessive amounts of Soil Release when prespraying. It is preferable to use more pads soaked in Oxygenator solution to remove heavy soil. • Don’t use any pad without first wringing out excessive hot Oxygenator solution. (Remember to use your rubber gloves when handling hot pads). • Don’t clean any carpet that shows seams or carpet that has loose seams due to previous wet cleaning. Have these carpets repaired before you proceed to obtain customer written approval before proceeding. • Don’t use any other cleaning solution or spotter other than those recommended as these may affect the performance of the TURBO DRY process. • Don’t panic if you find foaming in the carpet. It’s the signal that you are removing old shampoo residues and that the carpet will take slightly longer to dry. Do’s • Do wash your pads out and wring them before leaving for your next job – hang them on a line in your vehicle if necessary to ensure you always have fresh clean pads. • Do ensure you have a sponge on hand to rinse spotters like GREASE RELEASE or SENSATION as these can leave residue that re-soil if not rinsed prior to padding. • Do check the type of carpet you are cleaning prior to starting. Thick wool carpet will require slightly damper pads and higher volume prespray than low pile synthetic fibre, so adjust your moisture levels accordingly. • Do add more Oxygenator power to your bucket after half an hours as it loses power on prolonged use.

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