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ALL-IN-ONE DOUBLE STRENGTH DEODORANT AND CLEANER TWICE THE SPICE deodorant air freshener and cleaner is a significant advance in the chemistry of odour control and freshening the environment. Features and Benefits 1. TWICE THE SPICE is both a wide range cleaner AND a persistent deodorant, reminiscent of fresh ground aromatic spices from Jamaica. 2. RESEARCH PRODUCTS have used 6 compounds from nature and complexed these with a synthetic booster and fixative to ensure TWICE THE SPICE outlasts all other deodorant cleaners. 3. Unique emulsion breaker technology ensures TWICE THE SPICE continues to deodorise even after it has dried onto the surface to be cleaned and it does not need rinsing. 4. Whilst packing a punch that knocks out dirt and grime on hard surfaces like floors, desks, walls and washroom surfaces, TWICE THE SPICE is gentle on hands and delicate surfaces like acrylic or vinyl paint. It’s truly an all purpose cleaner and deodorant. Where can TWICE THE SPICE be Utilised? It’s a proven fact that building owners and managers want their properties cleaned and at the same time want a clean smell. TWICE THE SPICE will have a dramatic effect on contract cleaning customers and in self-cleaned or institutional establishments like Hospitals. Why is this? In the development of this dual cleaner/deodorant concept, we consumer-tested over 50 natural perfumes and essential oils, not only for consumer appeal and performance, but for residuality and resistance to fading and dissipation. Your customers will love it. TWICE THE SPICE is the culmination of these efforts and we want to prove to you it is one of the best cleaning and deodorising products. Double the actives in cleaning ingredients and double the spicy deodorant actives gives you a superb product for washing every surface. Mild pH

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