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CARPET SPOT AND STAIN REMOVER QUICK ACTION, NON RECURRING, WIDE SPECTRUM STAIN REMOVER FOR GREASY, TANNIN AND PROTEIN STAINS “Spots and stains never come back” Here’s the simple to use neutral ph spotter that every contract cleaner, hospital, carpet cleaner and householder should have at the ready – for every type of carpet. UNBELIEVABLE, as the name suggests gives you an incredible wide range of stain removing power at the pull of a trigger. Normally high alkaline cleaners are necessary to obtain the same results as UNBELIEVABLE. Stains usually return when other spotters are used. Not UNBELIEVABLE. WoolSafe approved The WoolSafe organisation runs an international testing and approvals programme for cleaning products used on wool carpets. Up to 16 tests are completed to ensure that approved products are colour safe and cannot harm wool fibres. We proudly display the WoolSafe logo on the UNBELIEVABLE product label. If its safe on wool its safe on any fibre. Works on Greasy/Oily Stains Using gentle fluoro carbon ingredients, plus solvents, UNBELIEVABLE gently solubilises oily spots as well as hard to shift lipstick, printer toner, even some inks are removed. A protective stain blocker prevents these from returning. Protein stains like gravy, eggs, blood. After sponging with cold water, fresh blood, gravy and other food products like Vegemite and mayonnaise are pulled out. UNBELIEVABLE is especially useful for medicines found in the Hospitals and Nursing Home environments. Acidic stains – some tannin, coffee, tea. These are the hardest stains for a general spotter to remove. However, UNBELIEVABLE takes on this challenge by the addition of specially absorbent fluoro polymers which break the bond that tannin has to the fibre. Whilst not able to remove every stain in this category, it removes a high proportion

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