Unger Stingray Indoor Basic Handheld Window Cleaning Kit

Unger Stingray Indoor Basic Handheld Window Cleaning Kit

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The Unger ® Stingray is the new, quality and revolutionary solution, for the professional cleaning of indoor glass and polished vertical surfaces. The Unger Stingray is great for the cleaning of commercial doors, elevators, escalators, glass mirrors, and (importantly) windows. The optional extension handles make it easy to reach difficult places and help to reduce risk when cleaning indoor glass. No ladder or access equipment are required, and it makes cleaning easier than ever. Using the Unger Stingray in your facilities will help reduce time to clean windows and reduce the amount of chemicals used significantly.

Basic Handheld Unit Kit, includes:

  • Stingray Handheld Unit
  • 1x Pouch with cleaning liquid
  • 1x Microfibre TriPad
  • 1x 2x AA batteries
  • Short (PM-UNSRCP063) and long (PM-UNSRCP124) extension poles sold separately.

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