Zip Strip Heavy Duty Stripper 5L

Zip Strip Heavy Duty Stripper 5L

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Benefits: • Fast Acting Butyl stripper • Low odour • Caustic and residue free • Liquefies old sealers on contact • Safe on most types of flooring Zip Strip is a fast, efficient, labour saving method for removing floor finishes and wax sealers with a minimum of scrubbing. Zip Strip is a low odour ammonia free stripping system. Zip Strip is caustic free and residue free. MOP IT ON AND WATCH IT WORK ! Zip Strip quickly liquefies and suspends the sealer in a liquid emulsion which is easily removed with an autoscrubber or mop and bucket. Make sure to keep the surface wet at all time when stripping. Zip Strip can be used on vinyl, vinyl asbestos, rubber, no-wax linoleum, lino tile, marble, terrazzo, ceramic quarry tiles and most types of flooring. DIRECTIONS: Depending upon the degree of sealer on the floor, Zip Strip can be diluted as follows: Zip Strip Water Heavy Build-up 1 part 4 parts Moderate Build-up 1 part 6 parts Light Build-up/ 1 part 12 parts Add recommended amount of Zip Strip to cold water and apply liberally to the floor. Allow to work for 3 to 5 minutes, being sure to keep the floor wet. In most situations it is advisable to wet scrub the floor using a black pad on an autoscrubber or a low speed machine with a black pad. Pick-up the dissolved sealer with an autoscrubber or mop and bucket. Rinse the floor with clean water and allow the floor to dry before applying the sealer. Note that since Zip Strip is residue free it is not absolutely necessary to rinse the floor after stripping. FIRST AID: Keep Out of Reach of Children. SKIN: Remove contaminated clothing. Wash with plenty of water. If severe irritation occurs, seek medical advice. EYES: Irrigate with copious amounts of water for 10 minutes. Seek medical advice. INGESTION: If poisoning occurs give 2 glasses of water, induce vomiting after 15 minutes. Seek Medical advice immediately or contact the Poisons Information Centre

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